Patient=sans-culotte (eg. peasant)

A patient in any healthcare institute is likely to be in dire need of one or more healthcare interventions to be able to survive the experience.

A patient is unlikely to be a physician (and therefore also unlikely to heal themself or even to know anything about the best treatment for their ailment).


Knowledge is Power

Ipsa scientia potestas est

Patients are totally at the mercy of their physician; utterly powerless. Because they lack their physician's knowledge.

Knowledge is Power. To obtain medical power, a patient must first obtain medical knowledge.

Humanity must democratize medical knowledge.


Med School for the masses

The Medical Democrat and collaborators are building an online medical school for everyone

This first-of-its-kind course platform will offer all the medical knowledge taught in accredited US medical schools and tested on US medical students' Step 1 board exams (the USMLE or COMLEX). This medical knowledge represents the power to potentially save your life or that of your family member; power that we all deserve to hold.



The Greek goddess of wisdom Athena Parthenos (depicted above as Alan LeQuire's 01990 full-size Nashville replica of the ancient lost sculpture by Phidias) has for millennia represented democracy. The Medical Democrat seeks to democratize medical education and knowledge. In the image above, the Eryx-entwined Staff of Aesculapius (Greek god of medicine) has been superimposed upon Athena's spear to represent the democratization of medical knowledge.

Nullius in verba

The Latin motto of The Royal Society (founded in 01660) and The Medical Democrat is taken to mean 'take nobody's word for it'. It is an expression of the determination of Fellows to withstand the domination of authority and to verify all statements by an appeal to facts determined by experiment.